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Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Zune, Dexter Morgan, and Denton, Texas

If you didn’t hear the news last week, the 30 Gigabyte version of the Microsoft Zune mp3 player had a glitch in his programming that caused every single Zune 30 around the world to “die”. It was a glitch, that rendered all the mp3 players of it’s kind to be unusable for the day. Something about being a leap year-year, and not having the mp3 player distinguish what day it was. Needless to say, all the Zunes affected would be back to normal the next day. (I guess it couldn’t decided whether it was December 31st, or Janurary 1st. Oh well.) So for a day, I was sad.

I loved my Zune 30. It probably helped me get through more bullshit than anything. So anyway, then came January 1st 2009. During that day, I recharged my Zune only to find it working again! I was so happy. However, little did I know it was the beginning of a problem. During the 4th , my Zune crapped out again. I looked online to see if anybody else was having this problem and only a few Zune 30 owners were experiencing the same issue that I was. It was maddening cause, the Zune was virtually useless again. Both Microsoft and the Zune Team weren’t acknowledging this new problem, so it made my faith in them more worn and frayed. Still, all the while, I kept thinking about getting a new one with more storage capacity.

I had pretty much used up all the memory for the Zune 30, and I was constantly having to delete music that I wasn’t listening too anymore in order to fit new stuff in. In an effort to try and save my Zune for one last time I used the “ERASE” key combination to hopefully get atleast running, and to my surprise; it was still dead. So with the $100 dollars that I got for Christmas by my Dad, coupled with the cash I get every month from the government, I decided to go and get me a new Zune player. If in the event that my old one mysteriously came back to life I would give it to my mom so she can listen to it during her work-outs. So, after some thought I settled for the latest model, the Zune 120.

The screen is slicker, bigger, and holds 4 times as much music as my old Zune 30 could ever hold. While, the color selection is very limited, the black suits me just fine. Since buying it three days ago, I have already used up more than 30 Gigabytes of music on it. I added my play lists, some new backgrounds, and added music without hesitation. As secretly predicted by me, my old Zune 30 came back to life giving away no warning as to what even happened. However, the Zune was empty. It didn’t have any music, nor my pictures, nor my videos. Still, it was a chance for me to fill most of it with music my mom would like.

So I grabbed her CD’s of various different artists and began to rip them to my computer so I can upload them to the old Zune. Once mine was completed, I finished messing with her Zune and then gave it to her. I would much rather let her have my old Zune cause I know it will always be around me instead of giving it away randomly. I guess you can say I still have feelings for my lil’ old Zune.

Okay, so during the winter break I got into this TV series called, “Dexter”. They show it on the Showtime network and it’s about a serial killer who works in forensics, specifically “blood splatter”. My brother, Jaime was the one who got me into the show. He downloaded high quality HD-like episodes of all three current seasons while he was Denton. All I have to say is that, this show FUCKING RULES. I haven’t gotten so emotionally attached a show in such a long time. This show is so exciting and it has some really great writing. In terms of character development and plot sequences, the Dexter series executes them perfectly. There are certainly a lot of really tense moments in the show. It’s also crazy because since the main character Dexter is secretly a killer who decapitates his victims, (while still working with police officers and trying to hold a steady relationship with his girlfriend Rita) you can not help but root for him. Unlike “The Sopranos” which featured legendary anti-hero Tony Soprano, whom you both despised/loved throughout the show, Dexter is actually a really cool decent guy. Even with all the great cops and “good guys” trying to solve murder cases you actually cheer Dexter on.

You don’t want him to fail.
You don’t want him to get caught.
You want his relationship with Rita to keep on blooming.
You want his sister Deborah to succeed.

As I mentioned, it’s crazy in that sense because it says so much about who we are. I guess maybe some people may not think about it that way, but I do. Maybe it’s because I have always empathized with the “bad guys” or the villain, but I’ve always understood them and why they do these “evil” things. It’s not like Dexter is completely evil, he butchers murders and people who have plagued others. And that’s what makes him like all of us. Cause whether some people like to admit it or not, we are all both “good” and “bad”.

Anyhow, I’ve been packing up all afternoon because both me and Jaime go back to Denton, Saturday morning. While it may seem kind of soon (school starts on January 20th) and I haven’t really mentioned it much, I’ve always thought that making “clean escapes“ seemed better. (It’s not like Valerie even knows what the fuck is going on with me anyway.) Besides I need to register for classes (and get advised) on Monday, so things might get pretty annoying considering how many people will be doing to same. Denton is going to be sssooo ccooollllddd. I’m already getting chills. Hopefully everything goes well.

Tomorrow is a busy day since both me and Jaime have dental appointments. They have to fill-in some cavities, so I am not sure how annoying that is going to be like. It’s been such a long time since I even got a cavity. So after that we have to pack up his car with our stuff as well as hook up my mom’s old computer. Since I am giving her my old Zune, I need to show her how to recharge the battery and download the Zune Software for her.

It’s been a swell winter break, but it’s time for me to go back to reality.

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Juan C. Garcia said...

ah yeah, i was gonna ask ya if your zune crapped out. that was some weird shit though...
I think nostradamus predicted all the zunes would crap out on that day.
old fart knows everything!

well dude, i wish ya the best of wishes over at Denton. I'ma miss ya man.

Take care!