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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a new dawn..

"'s a new day,'s a new life,
..for me.

..and I'm feeling good.”

So today officially marks the end of an error. It’s going to feel so good turning on CNN and not having to see an old bumbling white man as the commander-in-chief. Barack has a lot on his shoulders and I’m hoping he can really pull through on some of those promises. I mean, I have no doubts he will do an exceptional job, but the unfortunate thing about this country is that there are still a lot of people who think the worst has yet to come. I don’t need to tell anybody out there just how much is really at stake, so it will be no surprise every single move that President Obama makes will be critiqued and scrutinized.

Also today marked my first day of classes at UNT for this semester. I spent the time in-between classes moving around campus and listening to my Zune. It had been pretty chilly this morning before my Art Appreciation class, which really had me wanting some chap stick. My lips felt like they were going to fall off. (Actually, they still feel like they are.)

Unfortunately, I was falling asleep during my American Government class. I guess I tried myself out walking all over the campus. I didn’t get to really hear what the professor was saying. Oh, well.

Tomorrow should be another neat day. I have my Women’s Studies course as well as my Painting II class in the afternoon. I’ll let ya all know how that goes. I hope we don’t build our own canvases though. That shit is annoying cause it evolves some level of strength, and I‘m not very strong (what Art Major isn‘t?). I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think supplies might prove to be costly as well.

But that’s to be expected by now. Anywho, Fausto is texting me. I haven’t eaten so I’m going out. Laters!

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