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Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Halloween

*listening to "Halloween" by AFI*

So tonight's the night where there will be tons of teens dressed up as The Joker (or Batman for the kiddos). Should be funny to see. I am just going to stay here at the house and give away candy all night. Not much to do being all screwy and all.

I hope you guys out there have a ball though. There's going to be a lot of cool shit going down in Austin tonight, I hear. Also it'd be nice to go to the Lizard Lounge tonight, the pally's are all going and I am jealous. It sucks I can't be there. Oh, well. Atleast tomorrow morning I am going to try and score me some pit tickets to see The Killer's in February. Here's hoping I nail me those damn tickets!

Anywho, I've rambled long enough. Everybody have an awesome night and eat as much candy and sweets as possible. Candy never killed anybody. So, seeing as this is the last post of this month, I'll see ya'll in November. rofl

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Juan C. Garcia said...

i was at work, with my sinuses acting up and with a sore throat. awesome...
but, hey it was worth it.
Lots of girls in costume... one dressed up as Mystique... OHMYGOD! She had a see-through bodysuit. and you could see that ass... OHHOHH! lookit me drool like a little schoolboy. lmao