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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Somewhat Damaged

Yeah, so I have been home for several days now. Still feel like crap, but very slowly as each day passes I get slightly better and am becoming more aware of things.

These painkillers really make you drowsy and yet sleeping is still very difficult for me. I wake up soaked in sweat within an hour. Sleeping on my side is especially hard for me to do. The new scar is really thick and stretches around my shoulder blade. Not very attractive in the slightest as you can see.

But everything went fine. There were no complications nor did anything go wrong with the surgery. Still, I'm going to be feeling pretty drained for a long while.

Thanks to all my pals who kept in touch and wished me a Happy Birthday while I was in the hospital. I really appreciate it for it makes recovering easier.

Thanks again.


Juan C. Garcia said...


...fuck, some friend i am for forgetting, huh?

Fuck, i gotta make it up to you, dude!

Jorge Gonzalez said...

It's cool man, don't worry about it. It's nothing really.

I hadn't even been around long enough for others to even know or remember.

It's all good.

Juan C. Garcia said...

once you get better, lunch is on me, man. You like sushi?