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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hospital Beds, I.V's, & Greedy Doctors

So on Monday (October 6th) I will undergo yet another heart surgery which will undoubtly be one of the first few in a long line of various operations. Whenever a doctor saw me and told me, "You're a very unique individal, you know that right?" they had a huge smile on their face. Perhaps I was suppose to feel flattered by these statements, but if you've spent a day in my shoes, you'd see right though this curse I have been so unforunately born with.

I'm worth too much money to be fully fixed up. There are bidding wars against whom should collect the rights to stick things inside my heart and nobody sees that more than I. I expect to make a full physical recovery from Monday's operation, but I know I'll just lose another part of my mental stability. These things really mess me up. However, I am going to try not to let it hold me down.

Obviously there will not be any updates to Another Pilot Down (let alone any other online art account of mine) for the next several days (or weeks) but rest assured when I get back to a some-what decent shape and that I am ready to go online you'll see the first updates from me here. And for those of you who like to stalk me I am sure you'll have my Facebook and MySpace on watch for my "current status" or whatever. Also, if you guys want to give me a call on my cellphone be sure to do that. You can call my cell anytime during the day/night if you'd like to catch up on things or know whether or not I lost my mind yet. I am going to try and have my cell on for as long as I can with me. (I'm taking my phone charger.) So feel free to call.

Again though, the next couple of months might be pretty uneventful interms of art or creativity. I honestly don't see myself drawing much and instead will mostly likely spend my days recovering watching all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon that I downloaded. lol!

Well, I guess I'll catch ya all later. Thanks for the support and always being there even when you didn't agree with me or my views. I appreciate any kind of support you all gave me during the year.

Seeya for now!

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