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Monday, March 31, 2008

Social Networking

Fuck, how does Jeffree Star do it?! I've been very busy working on my social site profiles. I finally opened my new MySpace Account. I had made it several months ago, but I never opened it until yesturday. I had only been using it to keep up with my favorite rock bands (seeing as how they'll update us with news days before they update their official site).

I sent close to 20 friend requests from friends that I know have MySpace pages. With that said, don't be offended if I don't accept your comments even if you're saying, "What's up?" or "How's everything?". I'm using this as a way to get my artwork out there and trying to keep it somewhat professional looking (whatever that means).

Another page I gave a massive overhaul to was my MSN Live Space. Oh my god, I had no idea I had some really offensive material back then. I'm so ashamed. :(

Regardless, I gave it a huge make-over. Now it suits the kind of person I am and it puts my artwork and poetry in the front of everything. I also got a Flickr Account seeing as that is a very popular website to post up images. Well, why not my art? So I did. I'm doing some touch ups on my and my own website. More on those later.

I'm prepping up these sites and getting ready for my new drawings/essays/rants, and I really want to get my art out there as much as I can. Anybody know of a social networking/profile website that could cater to an artist like me? Feel free to comment. : )

I'm off to draw now. McCain, I'm coming for ya. ;)


Juan C. Garcia said...

*cheers you on*

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Jeffrey Star pays to be advertised. When I first saw him a couple years ago and he was only a Myspace sensation.. he was a singer (is he still?) I'm willing to bet he got signed up with some kind of label, not necessarily a music label.

I mean, we may know him, but that's just our generation... ask people older and they probably have no idea.

Fame in this country comes with money. Either you have all the money already, or you pay to get it.

I know. I'm not helpful.