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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Salsa" Art Exhibit

There is going to be an Art Show/Competition at the Laredo Center for the Arts called "Salsa". The Best of Show wins a $250 cash prize. I barely found out about today from Mrs. Bausman when she annouced it to the class. It seems to be only open for both LCC and TAMIU students who were enrolled from the Spring 2007 semester to now. The cool thing about this is that I can submit up to 3 different artworks and they don't have to be things that were done in class (finally!). However, for whatever reason, it had to be completed during 2007 or 2008 (whatever few months we've had anyway). I don't think that will be much of a problem. What sucks about this is that I have till Friday to submit them and all (ready for hanging, which is no problem for me).

So tomarrow I am going to go in a little early so Mrs. Bausman can take a gander at my work. Since this is Laredo, I don't know what they find to be risque' so I am going to hopefully weed them out. "Migraine" is going to be my little baby that will for sure be a selection of mine. The other two, I'm still thinking about. I would like to have "Drained" be another choice but I feel the drawing is too small. I also need a frame for that too.

Hm. Well, more on that later. I keep you all updated on what happens.

Also, today I have been updating my various accounts all over the interwebs. I've given my a make over for one thing.

Hold up, I have to cut this post very short. Tony just gave me this link. Apparently the report has something wrong. The woman wasn't 30, but 21. She's my friend's Gina's friend Sara. I actually knew her too. We'd talk for a bit and I think she was even there that one night we went to go see Superman Returns. This is some fucked up shit. It sounds as if she was killed. I mean, I've know some people I used to go to school with getting killed. But it's usually car accidents.

Man, I feel bad for her family. We used to hang out at iHop a lot back in the day. She was always really funny. Man..

..hope they find out. I hear Tony and Gina might get asked a few questions tomarrow since it was they how've known her more. Oh boy.. ._.

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