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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ain't no party in the Sad, Sad, City!

Boy this weekend has certainly been one of the best in the year so far. I danced, and I danced, and I continued to dance the night away. It all started on Thursday when I went to Houston to see Matchbox Twenty and Alanis Morissette. It was fun considering Rob Thomas was feeling sick that night. He still pulled a good show. Expect the full song performances of "Long Day" and "Unwell" at my personal YouTube account.

However, the fun really began on Friday when we headed off to Austin, Tx for the Ghostland Observatory party! My oh my, was it fantastic. At this point, it had long since been decided that this would be a crazy trip, not just for me, Jaime, and Fausto, but Lily pitched an idea that we'd all get tattoo's this weekend as a "bonding experience". I had been debating whether or not I wanted to get a tattoo that weekend, but I felt I'd rather get one when I move out of here. (I don't like doing anything in front of my parents ie. drinking, smoking, tattoos, rocking, dancing etc.) I'm also trying to refine the design I want. I'm leaning towards one of Riana Miller's drawings, but I still need to work it out. (More on all this a lot later.) But as for my mom, dad, and Lily they were all up for the tattoo idea.

So I met up with the Jamester and Fausto at the hotel who were also going to go to the show. After saying our "hellos" we headed off to the Austin Music Hall where the Ghostland rave was gunna go down. I brought my dancing shoes that Aimee Echo gave me, ( :P ) and after messing around on camera while waiting in-line the fun was about to really get started. The venue was nice. Very nice, in fact.

Being the hardcore kid that Jaime is, he decided to stay in front of the stage as he usually does at every show we go too. Me and Fausto on the other hand decided to do things differently than we've been used too at shows. Since we were one of the first ones in the venue and the show being "general admission" Fausto and I had first dibs on where to go about. We saw there was a top balcony so we decided we could get a good view from up there and not many people would be there. So we did. Little did we know, it would fill up very effin' fast in our section. (It was a sold out show anyway.)

Before Ghostland came on DJ Dr. Jack came on to play some crazy techno acid beats and get everybody up and sweaty. At first I was hesitant to use my energy and dance along, but I said, "Fuck it." I mean, shit.. the lasers, bass, and fast beats, when is the next time I'll be in a dingy environment like this? So with that mentality I just let loose. I shook my ass, threw my hands in the air, touched myself inappropriately, closed my eyes and just let his mixes vibrate my body. Some of my moves rubbed off on a few people who also started to dance around me which was good.

Then, the men of the hour came out, Ghostland Observatory! :D If you like elecronica, electro-pop-rock, with a touch of drama, check out their music. Amazing work. They came on and everyone went insane. My dance moves only got more intense, and the sweat just fell and fell. Sweat from other people drenched me, and I drenched them back with mine. It was so liberating. Unlike the Cobra Starship it was great to finally be at a show where the majority were 22, 23, 25, and 27, ya know? People brought the energy, the beer, the moves, and even the marijuana. Who you were when you came into this show was not who you were going to be during the show. I danced, sang, jumped, raised my arms, and wanted to so desperately take off my shirt cause it was so hot. But I loved every minute of it. Ghostland played and played and played. Those mother fuckers would not stop. Aaron Behren’s is an animal. An animal who does not stop at all. That man just kept going and going and going and going and going. He could totally outlast that one pink rabbit. I kid you not. It was good to hear the new material too. Just so heavy, so distorted, so danceable, ya know? It’s fucking great.

I wanted to burn out. I wanted to die that night. I wanted to try and get a heart attack again, so I kept going and going till it was hard to breathe. It was amazing. I felt alive.

The night could best be summed up as: Hot, sweaty, sticky, and long (you know, like good sex). rofl I danced, and danced, and danced till I couldn't feel my legs or both my feet. My hair, shirts, and tie were all soaked. Body's and skin pressed up all over everybody. Random arms grabbing you. It was like the rave scene from the first Matrix film. Jaime was even getting groped by two girls constantly. Being the conservative that he is he was not pleased. rofl rofl So I met some new friends on the dance floor and talked some shit to some lamers. A fight almost broke out next to me in fact (not my fault). I got my arm drenched with beer. But I danced, and I danced. I danced till I forgot who I was or what I'm suppose to be. The green lasers pointing at every direction in the venue made it easier and the heavy acid beats all over the building only sealed the deal. This was the most exhausted I have ever been at a show since 2003‘s Projekt Revolution.

At the end, as everybody was leaving the building me and Fausto just sat on the floor. Waiting to get at least 2% of my strength back. After several minutes we finally met up with Jaime and then met up with Lily and my parents. While we danced on our graves, Lily and crew got their tattoos. We were all surprised. I did not think my parents would have gone through with it but they did.

And ladies and gentlemen, below is the result:

Classic Sonic the Hedgehog for my dad.

Classic Aerosmith logo for my mom.

Lily got that black and red star bellow her collarbone that seems to be popular with rock bands. (Billie Joe Armstrong has several of those stars.)

All in all, it was a great night. We didn’t get back to the hotel till like 1:30am, but didn’t sleep till about 7 that morning. I’ve only had 2 and a half hours of sleep but I feel like I have to keep going. I can’t stop now. Anybody want to paint the town grey with me?

Oh, don't expect photos for either one of these concerts. Jaime had the camera and as usual took some iconic shots. (He shot the picture at the very top.)

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Juan C. Garcia said...

Georgie, looking fashionable as usual. lol
Glad you had fun, man!