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Friday, May 2, 2008

So yeah, I saw Iron Man.

..and it was really, really, really awesome! I just got back from the midnight showing with Val. I take back the bad stuff I said about the movie. It's really cool! It was so much fun and funny! It's no Batman Begins of course, but it is a solid flick. It's like the first Spider-Man, where it just felt like an awesome roller coaster ride! Everyone's jumping around, Iron Man is kicking ass and the bad guy.. OMG.. that was crazy!!

I had no idea what to expect. I honestly thought it was going to be dumb and stupid just like the two Fantastic Four movies but it's not. It's awesome!

Oh yeah, The Dark Knight trailer 3 was attached to it. OMG.. (I saw the leaked version online two days ago) ..the movie is going to be amazing!! I can not wait, after it was done I was the first one to clap and everyone started to clap and cheer after it was over. It looks like the definitive Batman film.

With that said, I know a lot of shit about what might happen in the movie.. and I gotta tell you, there's some quick flashes in that trailer that I don't think should be in there at all. But, whatever. For those of you who want to be completely suprised by just about everything. Don't see this preview. (It's not that they even do anything spoilerish, it's just that I know stuff, and yeah.. my info links up with some of the footage.)

With that said, I'm glad that amongst all the Joker's crazy friends terrorizing Gotham, they can still put in what looks to be a really great love story. Aww.. Bruce Wayne really likes Rachel Dawels... DENIED!!

Story of my life.

I'm kidding, assholes.

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