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Monday, May 5, 2008

Nine Inch Nails release "The Slip"

Head on over to to download the new 10 track album, "The Slip". It's 100% free, by the way. So, go, you have no excuse.

I'm barely downloading it right now, but if it's anything like "Discipline" and "Echoplex" then, ", awesome." Aside from that, I seem to be obsessing more over the latest Offspring tracks than anything else.

So, let's see what happens.


Juan C. Garcia said...

so is this a legit new release or another reznor project that i wont be able to obtain physical copy from Best Buy?

Jorge Gonzalez said...

The physical copy is going to come out sometime in July he said.

Oh, and you do know "Ghosts I-IV" has been in Best Buy since last month, right?

Juan C. Garcia said...


No, i did not.... i might have to invest some government tax money on that one...

thanks for the info.