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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just a few fun and random things.

Hey gang, my friend Eddie is currently in an Adult Swim T-shirt competition and I thought I would help him out by spread the word about his design. If you follow this link, you can not only see his design but also rate it a 5 star. If he gets enough points or has a high rating his design will be turned into a T-shirt.

So come on ya'll, let's help another fellow artist.

Speaking of artist, last night I read Kay's upcoming dream (short story) and I think it might be the best one so far. It's really good and to think that it isn't even finished. I don't know when it will be released but when it does I will let you kool kats know.

Oh and the latest Grand Theift Auto is really good. Very good in fact. Talk about going all out! Rockstar Games don't fuck around with this franchise. They live up to the hype. It's so polished and still has the same feeling as the previous ones. The soundtrack (as usual) is awesome. (Even the reggeton songs!) The GTA's have always had great soundtracks so it's no suprise that this one is badass. It's cool that it has the song "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West. I just love that track.

So, for those who've played it, who did you kill; Dwayne or Playboy?

Well, I best be taking the day to draw and work on my latest peice. I leave you all with the latest Weezer music video, "Pork & Beans" which I am sure will make you guys laugh or giggle. It's for the internet geek in all of us.

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Juan C. Garcia said...

Playboy. I needed his crib. rofl