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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Christmas time! PLUS: Rock Band 2 Microphone

Today I went out and did some good ol' fashion Christmas shopping. I thought I should take care of the gifts this week cause Laredo will pretty much be under lock-down starting this weekend. Everybody and their friends are getting out of school for the winter break and it's going to suck.

I don't know how things are outside of this little border town, but god damn is it annoying here. You not only have to deal with your own fellow citizen's but you have to deal with the people from across the border who just thrash EVERYTHING. I don't work in retail and they still bother me. They drive bad and they think they are entitled to everything. It sucks.

Needless to say, I just had totally buy the gifts today. It couldn't wait another day.

So aside from that I also bought a new microphone for Rock Band 2 today. It's integreted with the X-BoX controller buttons which is ssoo nice. However, according to a few reviews, it looks like the microphone sucks. It has really negetive reviews and that makes me sad. I have no real way of knowing if it's good or not until I play the game when Jaime comes back from Denton. It was pretty expensive and I unfortunately already opened it out of the package so I can't return it. :(

Oh, well.

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