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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Thankful for my mother and her never-ending support

Being a student and studying art in school while also trying to be creative and allowing yourself to have a safe space to grow as an artist and express yourself isn't easy unless you have the support from your family. Because of this I am blessed to have the support and understanding of my mother. Never for a second do I forget all the trials and tribulations in which my mother has done for me. She has an unmatchable drive to be there for her children.

For instance, since my condition [Marfan Syndrome] was discovered when I was two years old, many of the doctors told my mother that I would not get to live past the age of thirteen. For such a long time, my mother struggled with this information, yet not once did she let that show to me or my brother. Instead, she let me continue to go out and play outside with my cousins and friends (despite that many people around her were worried that I might get hurt due to being very skinny and frail.)

To her, there was nothing wrong with me.

She had faith that these doctors were all wrong and that I would defy everything that they had tried to make her believe. My mother gave me a childhood when so many physicians said I belonged confined to a bed. Now I am twenty-eight years old, in my senior year of college and preparing for graduate school. Still, to this day my mother continues seeking the right doctors and supporting me on all my endeavors as both an artist and a person. My trip to Italy wouldn't have been possible if I didn't have the overwhelming support of her. Even though I know she sometimes doesn't agree with all of my views or controversial artwork, she always lets me be myself. It takes great courage and a tough skin to go above and beyond for your son or daughter. That is why this mothers day I am reminded of how truly grateful I am to have my mother in my life.

**Originally published in Spanish in the May 12th, 2012 issue of Antesala

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