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Saturday, March 29, 2014

AP-D28: Hunting Rifles

Fresh off the heels of the newly designed G-23 Assault Rifle, this was second weapon created for the series. It's aesthetic spawned from the idea that I really wanted to make a much longer gun than the assault rifle. I felt the G-23 was slightly small and that I wasn't properly utilizing the pieces I had available. So going for the look of a traditional hunting rifle, I felt the need to make this one longer in length.

..and it actually worked. For such a long time, the gun succeeded on its own and didn't really get to have the scope attached till a little bit after. However, one can see that not all the kinks were yet flushed out seeing as the trigger and the trigger guard look a little uneven and a bit sloppy in design.

Coming off the from both the Shotgun designs and the Chameleon Uzi's, I felt like I need to revert back to a much more "all-crutch" design since those required more than just crutch pieces.

This “varnished” hunting rifle was heavily inspired by the traditional American long rifle, also known as the Kentucky Rifle. It was known for it's unusually long barrel and after really wanting to construct another long weapon, we decided to go construct one like this.

Needless to say, it was quite possibly the most minimalistic gun of the entire #CrutchGun series. Like the blue shotgun and double barrel shotgun before it, my father really took the initiative with this sculpture. Stripping it down to it's bare wooden essentials, I decided early on not to paint this particular design, let alone put any pads on it as well. It's extremely minimal use of foreign objects and sleek design make this one straight to the point.

Nevertheless, after a lot of consideration and love for this unique model, it's pretty much a given that when I continue the Crutch Gun series, they will take a much more natural and minimal approach and will be in the same vain as this.

Additional Notes:
- The Varnished Long Rifle was the fastest of the series to have been finished. It didn't take any more than an hour to make. It was also the ninth gun we completed for the series.
- The Orange/Blue Hunting Rifle was also done very quickly only taking a few hours. This might also have to do with the rifle not actually having a scope.
- The Gold/Black Hunting Rifle (with Scope) was the second gun to have been created in the series.
- The AP-D28 name comes from the acronym to my online web gallery, Another Pilot Down and the 28 is taken from my current age.

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