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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chameleons, Fliers, Links, and Other Updates

Okay everybody, lots and lots of updates to get into. However, if you keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter then you’d probably already knew about all the various artwork I have uploaded throughout the past three weeks. But, with that being said, there is still much more to dive into. So lets get right to it!

First and foremost, three new drawings have been added to my gallery at Another Pilot Down! “Dale Shine” (Cynical Chameleon 19), “Ode to the Kid Chameleons” and “Old Man” have all been released to moderate success over the course of August. Obviously my more political work gets more recognition, such as last months’ “Executioner” which is still getting people excited.

Anyway, be sure to check those out and feel free to leave me some comments either here or on my wall over on Facebook. (It would make my day!)

Secondly, a new section to the Misc. Gallery has now been opened! Head on over to my website to check out the brand new Fliers & Advertisements gallery. This section was opened up to showcase a few examples of the various fliers that I have created over the course of the year. They range from my freelance gigs with Broads & Panties and Paper Moon Photography to my work with the activist organizations; FMLA, ISO, and CEDP. At the moment only 9 fliers are present, but trust that in the coming days there will be a lot more. For those of you on Facebook, it really isn’t anything you haven’t already seen.

Third, I added some new links to the site. Under the Artists Galleries section I Ritchard A. Ludlow’s website and in the Hyperactivism/Non-Profits category I added the Campaign to End the Death Penalty as well as the International Socialist Organization. If you have a gallery, store, or a progressive/activist organization you’d like to see in my links section, please let me know in the comments box or drop me an e-mail.

Fourth, I have taken an initiative on making Another Pilot Down and The Kid Chameleons Blog integrated with not just my art, but by expanding more on my political views and overall presentation. I have worked on the layouts and tweaked some pages to better unify my site together (however, the Portraits & Still-Lifes gallery is under heavy construction for the time being). The various Links & Resources found on the left column of the Kid Chameleons Blog have all been changed to be suit the person I am today. The KCB banner has also been changed and features my new art as well. There are also a few other things, but some are so insignificant you wouldn’t notice even if I told you.

Lastly, expect more updates and entries. I know I have said that throughout the year, but I promise that I will definitely be making much more of an effort. I have integrated some software to update both my blog and website much easier and faster. So if I annoyed you all before, I’m going to be doing it more often now. ;)

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